Connecting People

Membership is free. It's about so much more than just discounts.

  • Hubbub replaces all discount cards, books, and methods.
  • Easy to add new deals
  • The best local deals
  • Bonus Savings
  • Fundraiser opportunities are right on your phone.
  • Choose who you help.
  • Pay with a debit/credit card.
  • Secure and safe.
  • Discover new shops, restaurants, and services where you can save.
  • Learn about community events.
  • Seasonal offerings.
  • Service Opportunties.

What is Hubbub Local?

Welcome to Hubbub Local. You can get started today by doing one of the following:

Get the Local Savings Card that is never lost or forgotten because it is Always On Your Phone. Show your Community Spirit, Shop & Save while helping Civic and School Groups meet their Fundraising Goals!

Membership Features

  • Support Local (Ø): Basic Members can Join Hubbub Local for Free
  • Sponsored Savings (Ø): Everyone Gets access to Special Offers
  • Play to Win (Ø): Products, Prizes & Bonus Discounts
  • Discount Club ($): Subscribe to get Everyday Savings & the best Deals


The Hubbub Local platform connect three different groups in an area: the general public, fundraising organizations, and businesses. The organizations sell discount memberships to the general public, which give the access to deals at restaurants they enjoy.

General Public

Members: Save where they Shop
"Play to Win" Prizes & Discounts
Support Groups they Choose

Local Organizations

Raise more Funds
Expand your Supporter base
Mobile tools Simplify Tasks

Business Partners

Attract and Keep More Customers
Support Local: Measurable Returns
One Discount Platform: Easy to Use