Get connected to your community and build loyalty with your best customers.

The network is ready for you. Partner with Hubbub to take advantage of the following:

  • Businesses offer deals that our platform uses to create a Discount Club program. It runs on the Customer's smart phone. Local Organizations sell annual subscriptions at different times during the year, so there are always new cutomers.
  • Discounts reward club members and gives them a reason to visit your business again and again. Our platform offers everyone, not just club members, "Play-to-Win" activities and Sponsored Savings opportunities in your store.
  • Our easy to use system works right on the phone. That means it is never left at home or lost. When you support local groups you not only help them reach their goals, but you also build good will with your very best customers.

Community-Based Marketing

  • Measure your ROI - Yes really.
  • Premier placement available.
  • Soft but effective marketing to your very best customers.
  • Proven and robust technology.
  • Let us help you grow your business and take all the chaos out of your community relations.
  • Your discounts and offers will always be available from customers' phones.
  • Never lost or forgotten.
  • Our dynamic platform lets you change offers.
  • Window, counter, and website signs show that you support local groups.
  • Consumer loyalty builds every time they use the platform (even when at other stores).
  • Send offer notifications to community members.