Local Organizations

Arts, athletic and activities groups, school or community, large or small. Our platform can help you boost your fundraising to a new level.

Our tools help you be more effective. Benefits of Hubbub include:

  • Credit & Debit Card Payments Accepted: Increase Supporter Participation and Purchases (40%+) by making it safe and easy for them to Pay when they use our Secure Platform.
  • Sales Support: Our system helps boost both direct and indirect sales. Door-to-Door, In Store, OnLine and Social Media sales use the same easy to use Platform. Thank supporters with automated emails and receipts.
  • Reduce Fundraising Chaos: The electronic nature of our program reduces much of the hassle by automating sales tracking, transaction reporting and other record keeping requirements.
  • Stay Connected: Our Platform lets you keep in touch with your best supporters...
  • Reach more Potential Supporters: Work with your local community business partners to reach out to the general public where they shop or get local services. These are the supporters you could never reach before!